from time to time, a television exhibit can make you fall in love. My costume-Up Darling is a solid example of this, because the anime community fell hard for this cosplay comedy.

Gojo is a stricken excessive schooler who feels remoted because of his love of developing normal Hina dolls. However, his loneliness soon ends as the popular (but geeky as all hell) Marin discovers his talents and asks him to help her make costumes for cosplay – cue a tonne of fun and romance.

it be first-rate when a reveal thrives purely on the chemistry of its leads, and that is the reason what happens here. Marin and Gojo are magnetic together, as they’re total opposites but have an amazing dynamic. Looking at them work on cosplay and dance round their feelings for each and every different looks like a roller coaster, and there are lots of moments a good way to make your heart bypass a beat.

however greater than that, the show additionally delivers a very good coming-of-age story for each Gojo and Marin, that means the romance doesn’t drown out their personality development. The show works tough to establish their unique personalities, dreams and drives, making them suppose the entire extra relatable.


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