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Sources have refuted the latest claims from former Bayonetta voice actress Hellena Taylor, who said she was given an “insulting” supply of just $4,000 to reclaim her position in the third sport.

In a collection of films posted on social media over the weekend, Taylor – who has been replaced as Bayonetta in the upcoming sequel Change by veteran Jennifer Hale – slammed the developer PlatinumGames and known followers to boycott Bayonetta 3.

The actress claimed that she finally wrote to PlatinumGames vice-chairman Hideki Kamiya, who she claimed did not provide her with more than what she called an “indecent” supply to repeat her position.

Taylor’s film has been viewed almost 10 million times so far, and the actor has received help from different actors and voice actors who have long complained about being underpaid. The film also led to harassment of the Platinum craftsman and new actor Bayonetta Hale.

However, sources cited in a Bloomberg report have now disputed the voice actor’s claims, many of which VGC can verify with private sources.

Platinum obviously to rehire Taylor last summer, in response to Folks familiar with the state of affairs, in addition to documents reviewed by Bloomberg and VGC.

Platinum is said to be looking to hire Taylor for a “minimum” of 5 classes (VGC sources indicate it could be as few as 4), paying $3,000 to $4,000 per 4 hours in the studio.

That could bring Taylor’s total cost to $15,000, Bloomberg studies, as VGC was able to verify with private sources. One individual with information from the deal advised VGC that it represents a major increase in Taylor’s power for both sports.

In keeping with Bloomberg, the voice actor responded by asking for a sum of six figures, in addition to the residuals of the sport – a declaration Taylor vehemently denied. VGC sources reiterated their claims about the stay, but did not reveal the amount claimed.

In private messages exchanged with VGC, Taylor is known to have suggested that he had been given more than $4,000 “very false”. He is also known as a source claims that he can make $15,000 “all lies and jokes.”

“I’d rather put it in the evaluation mirror and put the whole bloody franchise behind me,” he advised VGC. “So, I believe that I will release my film. I advise you on the facts.

Sources deny the Bayonetta voice actor's claims about the salary offer

In Taylor’s video message – in which he stated that he had acted in violation of the non-disclosure agreement – the actress said that her worries about being out of work had prompted her to experience nervousness, melancholy and suicidal thoughts.

A person with information about Platina’s negotiations said they knew Taylor was having episodes of depression until recently.

PlatinumGames did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

Since going public with her claim this weekend, Taylor has received a lot of help, along with fellow voice actors who have shared their experiences of receiving similar offers.

Platinum VP Hideki Kamiya’s Twitter account was briefly restricted over the weekend after a series of messages were posted in response to Taylor’s allegations, along with one known to be a false Taylor claim.

New Bayonetta voice actress Jennifer Hale released an announcement on Monday that immediately addressed the controversy.

“Anyone who knows me or has practiced my profession will know that I respect my colleagues and am an advocate for all members of the neighborhood,” he said. “I am under NDA and cannot discuss this example. My popularity speaks for itself.”


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