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CHUKS NWEZE examines the intrigues of power in Enugu with special reference to the senatorial bid of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as opposed to the incumbent senator, Chief Chukwuma Utazi who is fighting to retain the seat.

Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, former Enugu state governor and senator representing Enugu East Senatorial zone, who described politics as big business. A business that is once established and profitable, becomes a difficult task.

The above definition may have nothing to do with Kwame Nkruma’s “seek political power first and all other things will be added to you”.

The above statement agrees with the …ulation of political scientists that “political power has been felt, so it is difficult to withdraw because it has the key to unlock many doors.”

Nnamani’s statement came last year when he handed over the leadership of the “good” Ebeano family political dynasty to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state to continue to lead Enugu state as he wished, saying that for the 2023 election, Governor Ugwuanyi’s choice of candidate would be his choice. .

He said that as the leader of PDP in Enugu state and now the leader of Ebeano, it was his idea during his heyday as the leader of Ebeano and then the governor of Enugu state, Senator Nnamani told Ugwuanyi that it is in his court to dictate who should go or come.

He said, “You will go anywhere. Whatever you want, we do,” Nnamani said to show that he had delegated power to him.

Perhaps, by the encouragement of this ex-governor, Ugwuanyi seems to have had the courage to do to the country as he was elected, so he chose his successor in the person of Barrister. Peter Mbah and later, himself, angling for the Senate when his term ends on May 29, 2023.

After Ugwuanyi’s senatorial ambition, many people have different opinions about his propriety or ambition, whether he should move to the Senate considering the rules of power rotation that exist in many places and also if Ugwuanyi is fit and competent to be a senator.

As a result of Ugwuanyi’s senatorial ambitions, groups and individuals have poured encomiums on him as a performing governor and have given endorsements.

Among the many “appraisers and endorsers”, all the royal fathers in Enugu North Senatorial Zone, led by their leader, Igwe Simon Osisi Itodo, who recently gave Ugwuanyi ‘Ofo’, a totem for his success in his aspirations.

However, the senator currently representing Enugu North Senatorial zone, Chief Chukwuka Utazi, seems to have put an end to the gubernatorial senatorial adventure.

Utazi, it is believed, is willing to withdraw from the Senatorial race to pave the way for Ugwuanyi to realize his dream, but it has been gathered that he was allegedly, deceived by Ugwuanyi in order to eliminate his third term ambition.

Evidence that Utazi is unwilling to abandon the Red Chambers is exemplified in the recent allusion that Ugwuanyi may not be a worthy senator even though he was in the House of Representatives for three terms in 12 years before becoming governor in 2015.

Utazi stated that “The Senate is not for tacit and tongue-in-cheek representation but for people who know the onions and nuances of legislation which is different from the executive government.”

Utazi is probably referring to the 12 years of Ugwuanyi’s representation in the Green Chambers where “he hardly moved any motion on the floor of the house nor would he give interviews to journalists”.

Observers said, “Ugwuanyi seems to have a bench-warming nature instead of being outspoken and assertive as a member of parliament.

“This can be seen when he has not spoken to the press since he was the executive governor of Enugu state for seven years.

“The only time Ugwuanyi speaks in public is when he reads the annual budget and occasionally at public events like the independence anniversary where he often writes speeches”, said an anonymous observer.

He further said, “So, because the making of laws and legislation needs someone who can defend his people strongly and decisively and meet their needs before the greater Nigeria, Utazi could inadvertently declare Ugwuanyi ineligible for the Senate in 2023 if he can beat him. enemies from rival political parties.”

Because Utazi is of the opinion that Ugwuanyi if elected to the Senate will be counter productive to the people of Enugu North Senatorial zone, on Saturday 10 September 2022 during the 3rd Annual Awards and lecture series organized by StarLite Newspaper with the tag: “The Lure of Instant Gratification VS Hunger for Good Leadership: The Dilemma of Nigerian Voters” held at the Princess Alexandria Auditorium, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), spoke on what they want from legislators especially senatorial aspirants.

The lecture was well attended by dignitaries: Former governor of Enugu state, Dr. Okweillieze Nwodo, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Senator Victor Umeh, Anambra Central Senatorial Candidate (Labor Party), Prof. Fabian Ajogwu (SAN) and a host of others.

Speaking at a landmark event, Senator Utazi during his lecture emphasized the distinction between representative politics and executive politics; said that people who can do representative politics can be disqualified from executive politics.

He spoke volumes about this, telling the Nsukka audience that the Senate is not for just anyone; “This is not a job for anyone who has been a governor or a governor or councilor or commissioner.

“Executive work is different when parliament is different and ask Nsukka people to find someone who can do parliamentary work because some of those in executive politics are not even close to the job, they will not even know; they are not just saying because they are doing executive politics, they qualified “not true Nsukka.” This project has only been proven from Jude Okoro to Ayogu Eze for Me…. “Ono kpo kwa’ru ya wushé ó gà àdi unu n ‘aka” – if you are wrong, you have to blame yourself.

“You have to get someone who will be detained again; who will stay there and speak … in parliament; you don’t go there and do a Press Conference; where someone will come and speak for you as the executive governor or the chairman or the supervisor of the government locally, people can speak for you or hold press briefings for you but as an MP, you speak for yourself.

Utazi also emphasized how he advocated for the 9th Mile/Makurdi Road which has now been dualized and how personally he followed up.

“Enugu North Senatorial District does not need people who have no idea of ​​what to do.

Nsukka District does not need someone to worship but the job is for someone who will do the job not a Nominal Person in the National Assembly but someone who will be there for the people of Nsukka and super active in doing the movement.

“Igbo Nsukka must know what is at stake, we are of an age to do the right thing and the Answer is “Onye enye n’ege, na’ra iti ye n’akpa; we’tee onye ga-ara kwa ta orú á únù mebéé únù eme gbu ya ödú únù n’aka… ekenè mù únù igbo nsukka”. That is to say, Nsukka people should be careful who should represent them in the Red Chambers, the Senate and not make the wrong choice among the contestants for the senatorial seat.

Although Ugwuanyi has received approval and endorsement for the senatorial race, many other than Utazi are of the opinion that Ugwuanyi will be an unsuitable Senator because he hardly speaks but likes to give gratuities instead of making programs and policies that will be implemented. interest to his constituents.

“Ugwuanyi was in the House of Representatives for 12 years, what did his people receive in terms of democratic dividends and what movements did he do in those years. I am afraid he may bulldoze his way to the Senate because he has bulldozed himself in 2003 but representation will be useless. It is not even his area that should give the Senate candidate, but he seems bent on forcing it,” said Okechukwu Ossai who spoke to Blueprint senatorial ambition Ugwuanyi.

“We are just looking to see if he will succeed but I pray he will not succeed,” A member of Ohanaeze Ndigbo who did not want his name in print, said. “What are you going to do there except to answer the Senators and because going to the Senate seems to protect former governors in Nigeria,” he wondered.


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