The Smoke is a no-apologies, short-brace-top speed bow that well-nigh won our 2022 Flagship Bow check. It has a hybrid cam gadget that’s draw-size certain and remarkably productive. It become, basically, the most useful bow of the look at various at 86.8% (and in reality, some of the ideal bows we’ve ever validated). It also won our velocity verify—and it did it with half an inch of draw size tied in the back of its again.

For our verify, we ask producers to send in bows set to a 28-inch draw length, and Xpedition guaranteed us that they’d performed exactly that, per AMO specification. Nonetheless, our measurements put it at 27.5 inches (without a alternative to regulate it). And yet, even with that handicap, the Smoke fired arrows at three fps sooner than any other bow.

Xpedition Smoke Specs Xpedition Archery

  • check pace: 324 fps. (via our chronograph, at 60 kilos of draw weight and 28 inches of draw size; see “How We test” below)
  • advertised ATA speed: 370 fps
  • Axle-to-Axle length: 32 inches
  • Brace height: 5.375 inches
  • Weight: 5 kilos, 4 oz.
  • efficiency: 86.8%
  • final score: ninety four (out of 100)

The Smoke had a remarkably smooth draw cycle, given its stunning velocity, and it became consistent from delivery to finish. Tester Danny Hinton and i both, in reality, pegged it as our favorite draw cycle of check. Zach Bell, the third member of our look at various panel, didn’t adore it as a great deal because of the shallow valley that made it a touch jumpy at full draw. That’s why we typical such things out.

The Smoke was a fine shooter, too. We averaged 1.23-inch agencies with it. It comprehensive core of the pack for each (lack of) vibration and noise. I hunted with the Smoke for a couple days ultimate deer season, and in the stand I did discover it to be a bit massive and good-heavy. Subsequently, we all agreed that in the classes of coping with, balance, and grip, in addition to fit and conclude, it wasn’t fairly on par with some other bows in the test, exceptionally the two that edged it out for first and 2nd region. Nonetheless, as it complete within some extent and a half of the winner however prices $750 much less, the quickest bow of the yr additionally receives our fingers-down vote because the gold standard cost flagship bow of 2022. As the Smoke is a limited-version mannequin, you should work out your draw length and order yours quickly. Speakme of which, bear in mind that its cam device is draw-length certain, so be sure you get your draw size appropriate before you order.

Who should still purchase the Xpedition Smoke?

For the funds, the Smoke become the finest bow of our examine, and that alone is adequate to get the attention of many bowhunters. Nevertheless it is a really expert rig; now not each person wishes a sub-6-inch brace top, and some shooters may feel constrained by way of the mounted draw length. It gives up a little in coping with, too, specifically compared to the Mathews V3X.

however the tradeoff is performance, and let’s be real—a 32-inch bow is removed from a membership. Most adult bowhunters don’t deserve to mess with their bow’s draw length, as soon as they recognize that it’s set appropriately. And notwithstanding it’s develop into slightly retro to admit you love a fast bow (a fad that’s sure to change, once more, with marketing tendencies), the actuality is a velocity bow so that you can shoot basically well is a tremendous knowledge within the container. It allows you to shoot a heavy hunting arrow sooner, which equates to a flatter trajectory and enhanced penetration on critters. As pace bows go, the Smoke is one of the ideal we’ve ever verified.

How We confirmed the Xpedition Smoke An engineer at Stress Engineering solutions prepared to hearth a bow in a sound-proof room to measure noise. Will Brantley

The Xpedition Smoke become a part of the annual F&S Bow check, which took vicinity on the Stress Engineering capabilities lab in Mason, Ohio, and on my farm in southwestern Kentucky, where we wrung each bow out and pitted them head-to-head. Our test panel blanketed the engineers in Stress’s outside Division, in addition to myself; former seasoned-shop proprietor and bow technician Danny Hinton; and Zach Bell, a serious bowhunter and goal shooter. We scored each and every bow on a a hundred-point scale in here categories, in the following methods:

Accuracy and Forgiveness: 20 elements

This class is probably the most time-drinking a part of our technique, but also the most vital. Our Accuracy and Forgiveness test takes the commonplace of five, three-shot corporations per bow from a panel of three shooters. The entire bows we check will shoot improved than any of us can, in my view. The conception right here is to note tendencies that make some bows inherently easier (or more complex) to group with. This year’s examine become performed indoors at 25 yards over the route of three days the use of hunting spec Carbon categorical Maxima red arrows, HHA points of interest, and peep sights put in.

Xpedition Smoke results

the entire testers shot the Smoke neatly. It finish tied for 2nd, just in the back of the Mathews V3X, in Accuracy and Forgiveness, with a score of 19 out of 20.

speed: 20 aspects

each bow is decided to 28 inches and 60 kilos (advertised IBO specs would be from bows set at 30 inches and 70 pounds, but 5 grains of arrow weight per pound of draw size receives you shut). Bows that didn’t arrive to spec were adjusted if possible. That carried out, we organized a couple IBO-spec, 300-grain arrows that had been used for measuring pace (an ordinary of three pictures through my chronograph). At 30 inches, you might anticipate one other 20 fps. Or so introduced to the speed dimension. We also use a Whisker Biscuit leisure and with that, you could anticipate a loss of about 5 fps. So, compensating for the shorter draw size and the relaxation, and you may anticipate an extra 15 fps, provide or take, introduced on to our posted speeds.

Xpedition Smoke consequences

The Smoke ran away with the velocity look at various, registering a regular arrow pace of 324 fps with the specs above (and an advertised IBO ranking of 370.) The only bow that was shut the Smoke in speed was Hoyt RX-7, which changed into 3 fps in the back of it at 321, and the next closest bow become 315. It scored a perfect 20 out of 20.

Draw Cycle: 20 elements

here’s our simplest double-weighted subjective category. It’s an evaluation of how at ease a bow is to attract, cling, and shoot—vital things to grasp each on paper and when stuck at full attract a deer stand. For this category, we’re evaluating the consolation of the standard cycle, the valley, and the back wall, and then comparing what we think we suppose to the draw force curves mapped out at Stress Engineering.

Xpedition Smoke consequences

it is truly staggering that the fastest bow in the examine also tied for the most appropriate draw cycle. If it weren’t for a a bit of shallow valley, it might have gotten a perfect rating. As is, it got a 19.5 out of 20, tied with the Hoyt and just a little superior than each the Mathews and Elite.

Noise (lack of): 10 points

At Stress Engineering in Mason, Ohio, a sound-proof chamber is used to measure noise of each bow, once more, the usage of the IBO-spec 300-grain arrow.

Xpedition Smoke consequences

once more, for such a quick bow, the Smoke is relatively quiet. It scored a 9 out of 10 in the class.

Vibration (lack of): 10 elements

an additional dimension taken at Stress Engineering, this one with an accelerometer set up to the bow’s stabilizer port.

Xpedition Smoke effects

This changed into the Smoke’s greatest stumble. It scored and 8.5 out of 10.

fit and conclude: 10 points

here is a subjective category that not handiest assesses how a bow appears (some are sharper than others), but how neatly it’s put collectively. We’re checking for things like device marks and blemishes within the finish. It’s rare that we deduct greater than some extent or two during this class for a flagship bow.

excursion Smoke consequences

The Smoke is an outstanding-searching bow, however now not quite the equal of a couple of others. It scored a 9.5 out of 10.

balance, coping with, and Grip: 10 facets

How does a bow consider within the hand and up in a tree? Is it gentle and effortless, or heavy and cumbersome? At full draw, does the grip facilitate first rate shooting form, or does it get in the method? Worst of all, does it dig into the hand and cause pain (we’ve considered all of it earlier than). Is the bow convenient to hang on course? Does it tip or flip this fashion or that upon free up? Here is a subjective category, and we take all of those things into consideration when assigning a ranking.

expedition Smoke consequences

here is another location the place the Smoke stumbled a bit, scoring an eight.5 out of 10. We found it a tad cumbersome and a little properly-heavy. But if pure performance is what you’re after, here is a very wonderful bow, at a cost that’s less than most flagship fashions.


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