Episode 7, “Cultural competition 1” is the primary of two materials following, neatly, Shikimori and Izumi’s faculty festival. It’s the 2nd term, and issues are in full swing as their type receives together scenery, costumes, and every little thing else you need to placed on an animal-themed cafe. Yet no longer all is well: it’s immediately clear that Izumi is exhausted, and extra prominently, Shikimori’s high-key now not chuffed about not being capable of spend time along with her very decent boy. It be simple, it be cute, and subsequently ends up in an additional first-class episode stuffed filled with the entire suppose-respectable tropes that include one in every of anime’s optimum genres.

despite the title, besides the fact that children, the competition definitely is never the highlight of this episode, however the incontrovertible fact that we received to understand how these two obtained together within the first location. Honestly, here’s kind of what i’ve been waiting for ever when you consider that Shikimori’s no longer just a Cutie began with Izumi and Shikimori already a pair.

It is available in the back half after some fairly sit back story beats, and in a nice twist, it be informed by using Izumi. I would form of anticipated to listen to this story from Shikimori, however it’s in fact a good deal greater romantic to hear Izumi talk about Shikimori as a result of he so in fact loves her and most effective has eyes for her. There may be no doubt on your mind that he is one hundred% actual when he talks about simply eager to be around Shikimori during the past, and it’s all actually so candy.

there may be additionally the undeniable fact that he tells this to the primary brazenly queer persona in the collection, Kamiya, a sporty girl who gets paired with Izumi on library responsibility all the way through the festival. Yes: like so many queer individuals earlier than her, Kamiya has fallen for a good looking straight lady that she has no possibility with. I believe for ya, Kamiya: I’ve fallen for many a het myself, and it aches since you just want that love for your self.

The scene and story in question gives this exciting duality: Izumi is essentially telling his meet adorable story (well, okay his getting collectively story, virtually) to a woman who’s equally in love with Shikimori. Yet Izumi and Shikimori’s getting collectively tale is advised with such tenderness that you just sort of can not support however hope for a future the place Izumi and Shikimori continue on, primarily when spoke of story is so riddled with Izumi’s unhealthy success hiccups.

there is some thing so indescribably touching about Shikimori and Izumi simply being so essentially into each different, chiefly in a genre the place portrayals of courtship can be uncomfortably misogynistic (some, now not all, as a result of there is a heck of a lot of good romcoms, however there’s in fact some stinkers). Izumi would not must neg Shikimori to get her to like him, and Shikimori doesn’t ought to go full Tsundere Mode on Izumi. As a substitute, this is just the story of two teens who’re in love and who you’d like to see dwell in love throughout the end of this cour and beyond. I love to think that Izumi and Shikimori may be a lifelong couple, excessive college sweethearts continuously tethered together by these halcyon days.

I in reality, definitely enjoyed this episode: i admire seeing just how a whole lot Shikimori and Izumi look after each and every different, how extremely into one an additional they are, and just how deep the wellspring of their love goes. I like that Izumi is this type of wife man for Shikimori, and that they’ve chosen to spend their formative years collectively. No remember the place this story goes, I think like it’s handiest up from right here. Now not every little thing has to be big and excessive-price range to be value staring at: there is room for things like Shikimori that are just lovable and gratifying and make you believe like scorching cobbler inner, and y’all? I’m definitely joyful to consider like hot cobbler this week.


Shikimori’s no longer just a Cutie is at the moment streaming on Crunchyroll.

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