Find the coldest, hottest, driest and most severe travel destinations on earth. Could you take on any of those places?


The steepest peak in the world: Mount Thor, Nunavut, Canada

At 5,495 toes tall, Mount Thor isn’t the world’s highest peak, however is the steepest. Essentially the most noted summit in Canada and made of pure granite, Mount Thor has a 4,one hundred and one foot vertical drop, at a regular perspective of about one hundred and five degrees. Youngsters the mountain is in a far flung enviornment, it’s a popular vacation spot for avid mountain climbers. If taking on the peak is just too lots for you to handle, that you can additionally seek advice from the site and camp out instead. Here are 15 beneath-the-radar locations to consult with in 2019.

The coldest inhabited location on earth: Oymyakon, Russia

as the coldest inhabited region on earth (with a recorded temperature of -ninety six.16 levels F in 1924), the small Russian city of Oymyakon, with a population of 500, became once handiest used as a place for political exiles. Winter temperatures regular at about -fifty eight levels F, which has a major on impact on physique characteristic. The floor is permanently frozen all year long and town at the moment has just one hotel. General sports encompass skiing, ice hockey and ice fishing.


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