On occasion, Vanessa tried to persuade herself that as a “rental female friend” she changed into providing a a lot-needed carrier to lonely, socially disadvantaged guys by way of devoting her time and power to spending a few hours a day with unfortunate bachelors and blatantly taking part in softcore prostitution.

Of path, this became a load of shit, but it changed into a pleasant notion to have as Vanessa organized for a further “date”. Checking the clock on her mobile, she best had about an hour left earlier than the “date”. She rolled her eyes and cracked her neck, “Let’s get this shit over with”, the brunette sighed below her breath as she eliminated herself from her desk, pushing her chair against her mattress as she stood up.

She made her way via her presently messy one-bed room apartment into her bathing room to bathe. This has been Vanessa’s life for the past several months when you consider that coming to Japan. Notwithstanding less “surprising” and greater “inexplicable conjuring” as she had no conception how the fuck she got here in any case.

in the future, she became sound asleep in her residence in Texas after which the next morning she changed into in some low-priced looking condominium you’d find in a porno.

Of path, Vanessa lost her shit fully on the time. Lost her shit so unhealthy in fact that multiple residents of the apartment complex notion i used to be being literally murdered and referred to as the police. It changed into a extremely awkward moment to clarify to the very eastern cops that she turned into exceptional and she had just ‘slipped within the shower’.

As discombobulated as she become on the time, Vanessa still had enough self-focus to know that explaining her circumstance to the cops would simply get her despatched all the way down to the station as some druggie and fuck being near cops any more than she needed to be. Surely, the law enforcement officials might tell she turned into bullshitting however determined not to pursue it and dropped it, although being addressed, “Are you American?” a heavy-set cop requested, turning lower back to her.

“Uhm huh?”, the introverted 25-year-old eloquently answered.

They must have taken that as a sure because the cop’s eyes widened earlier than the thinner associate retorted, “you’ve got just a little of an accent, but your eastern is very first rate.”

“T-thanks?” she replied uncertainly.

“well, have a fine night ma’am. And please, are attempting now not to cause any longer concern for the different residents”, the heavy set officer tipped his hat as he and his partner ambled again to their patrol motor vehicle. The latina watched them enter the vehicle and force off, the flashing lights transforming into far away.

After that, Vanessa ran returned into her house and persevered to lose her shit. However quietly this time. She wouldn’t want to disturb the different residents in any case. Actually, she couldn’t take into account the next day or two after that. Much of it changed into a blur of crying, bawling, napping and throwing (quiet) suits in her so-known as residence. Notwithstanding, in time, she at last calmed down ample to check the situation.

Going via what appeared to were her go back and forth bag, she rummaged during the unfamiliar baggage. Passport, license, residency and the entire general governmental crap become all there in her personal property, a great deal to Vanessa’s chagrin. Doubly superb became her being a scholar at Nerima college, with a full scholarship besides.

An unnerving feeling jolted via Vanessa.

A historical past major, given a full trip? Bullshit. The latina concept to herself as she scrolled through her student profile–

“Wait a 2d. Why does it say my age is nineteen?”, squinting at the monitor in disbelief, her glasses being shadowed by means of the light from the notebook. Vanessa begun to hyperventilate over again.

“Fuck, I have do school again. I was essentially performed-ugggggggh”

Of direction, Vanessa raged (quietly) for the following few moments after that, her pillow taking the brunt of her assault.

Her rage stopped when she at last observed the alerts on her telephone. She had up to now disregarded it and thrown it across the room when she realized that each one of her historical contacts did not exist anymore. Making a choice on it up off the ground and turning it on, she changed into bombarded through dozens of messages.

“What the hell is ‘Diamond’..?” she questioned, staring on the aforementioned app on her cell. Hesitating for a moment her finger tapped the reveal, opening the app. Directly, she become hit through a deluge of photos of men across all spectrums of age and appearance. They all had one aspect in normal.

“Date requests…? Oh god”, the brunette exclaimed in silent horror. Vanessa in reality hoped she did not get isekai’d to ‘doujin hentai Japan’ or she may be fucked in a way she joked about at domestic but would doubtless not actually like.

Scrolling, she noticed a hotlink to direct her to her personal profile. Dreading what she’d discover but too morbidly curious to now not look, she clicked the link. Earlier than her changed into an image of her manner prettier than she’d normally be with a UI that looked straight out of a dating sim.


Vanessa Batista

“Bombacious yankee from the usof A!”

Availability – “capable and willing~ ”

popularity – 4/5★★★★☆

consumer reviews:

LonelyLoverXx:Vanny is so cute and has essentially the most cute accent. Would hire once more 10/10.

ScandalousOfficeWorker69: She’s so tiny and cute that I cannot support however wish to prefer her up! Her petiteness is extraordinary and her accent adds to the flavoring. Toptier lady friend! Tally-ho!1!

DogShinShin: completely satisfied! Lovable, stylish and he or she wears glasses! The most excellent girlfriend ever! Americans are first-rate XD!

Her shaking hand dropped the cell onto the ground earlier than she collapsed onto her bed, palms in her face. Respiratory closely and with a shaky voice, the latina purely pointed out “Oh god. Oh fuck. I’m in hentai.”

Of course, time handed, and Vanessa had come to terms with her condition in the current. And via come to phrases, she intended she violently suppressed her emotions on it, like a neatly-adjusted adult.

So, decent information become that she wasn’t in hentai. Yay! She hoped anyway. Jury was nevertheless out on that one.

dangerous information became that she become nonetheless a virgin. Darn.

Even worse news was that her “job” required her to have interaction with random strangers as their glorified female friend. Fucking wack. She couldn’t even do that for precise at domestic.

Her only saving grace changed into that this turned into ‘suggestive ecchi/harem’ Japan and almost all these americans are so determined that they wouldn’t notice her discomfort and normal disgust so long as she pulled the fundamental ‘animu’ girl aesthetic.

It helped that Vanessa become a foreigner. As xenophobic as Nippon turned into, they were down unhealthy for any girl that became a Yankee or hasn’t been culturally dispositioned to be as meek as possible. Vanessa surmised that it changed into some form of societal Stockholm syndrome from World struggle II.

Regardless, the Texan reflected what she may still put on as she stepped out of the shower as she dried her hair.

Screw it. I’ll just placed on my blouse and a few residences or some shit. She decided to herself, shrugging on the notion as she patted herself dry and stepping out her bathroom. The steam from the bathe carried itself across the unremarkable apartment as she made her approach lower back to her closet.

an additional benefit she discovered, became that many of these guys who rented her were so determined that she only needed to put a modicum of effort into garb and makeup, and she nonetheless got pretty first rate ratings. Notwithstanding in all probability no longer as much as she did just before coming right here. The less she notion about who the person she was before she obtained there, the stronger. As far as she changed into worried, they had been two distinct individuals.

‘Bombacious Yankee’ my ass. She concept in annoyance as the phrase brought a twinge of draw back to her points. Ignoring the self-induced suffering, she persisted dressing herself in a simple, teal shirt and ankle pants and different miscellaneous rings.

Stepping over the gadgets thrown haphazardly across the floor, she looked herself within the full body replicate, next to the bathroom door. Looking herself up and down and twisting her determine to make sure her ass turned into fine and visible for additional elements. Satisfied, Vanessa nodded her head and gave herself a hearty ‘Eh, good satisfactory’.

Turning around to analyze her messy, outfits and books-strewn residence she questioned, “Now, where the fuck are my apartments?”

Even months after arriving in Japan, Vanessa nevertheless couldn’t get used to the convoluted mess that changed into the japanese transportation equipment. Intellectually she knew that it was definitely among the finest on the earth, but her innate pettiness wrote it off as overly intricate and stupid and her spite would not permit her to believe otherwise.

unluckily, her motor vehicle didn’t actually make the start together with her and in contrast to the uswhere the car examinations had been piss convenient, Vanessa knew she would not have the equal ease with this type of issue in Japan. Primarily with every person using on the wrong side of the highway.

So like most things due to the fact that isekai’ing to hentai land, Vanessa quite simply realized the way to deal.

Making her exit at Nerima-kasugachō Station, the Texan made her approach to the detailed meeting spot. She became operating about fifteen minutes late, however the brunette figured it really is k. Most guys she had apartment dates with would commonly be aware how upset they might be to leave her waiting or that in the event that they had been even one minute late then the date changed into ruined. However when the contrary became authentic, every little thing become peachy. She didn’t really get the psychology in the back of it however it worked to her prefer so whatever thing.

Having arrived at her vacation spot, she figured this may be a good time to remind herself of how this man appeared. Removing her phone, she seemed at the info DM’d to her in the app.

Kazuya Kinoshita. 20. Orange T-shirt and striped pants. Skimming the info on smartphone earlier than scanning the gang once once more, she ultimately noticed him.

Leaning in opposition t the edge of a native shop, she noticed the boy in query dressed exactly as the app had described. One hand pocketed, and the other scrolling through his mobilephone in a lackadaisical trend. His posture gave off the air of secrecy of someone who believed they looked cozy however sarcastically got here off more as stiff and clumsy if anything else.

Vanessa could be the first to admit that this “job” had made her way more judgmental than she ever had been just before coming to Japan. Admittedly, she became self-aware adequate to know that she all the time became to a degree, but she certainly not in fact cared too much back home, in most cases because of now not desiring to.

however because being isekai’d and interacting along with her a variety of “customers” she had learned to truly prefer up things. Mainly, the vibe of something man she was with. If Spiderman had a Spidey feel, then what Vanessa had could be referred to as a ‘Creep sense’. The latina had come to learn that it become much less how a guy appears or clothes but how they came across and nine times out of ten, that might let you know what sort of adventure you were in for.

Kazuya, she did not think that tingly unnerving feeling she got with some guys. At the least now not instantly. A pretty good sign. However looking at him, she may already tell what sort of date she could expect. It may be summed up as, ‘worried nerd down on his good fortune and/or being pressured by means of friends’. Both/-or.

factor being, he appeared awkward as fuck.

now not something she’d begrudge any one for, given she became the identical in lots of approaches but it surely did inform her of what she’d have to do to get him to ‘open up’, with the intention to communicate.

Regardless, most effective to get this over with. Taking a deep breath, the Texan put on her ‘game face’ and approached the gangly boy together with her most excellent ‘animu’ extrovert expression. Kill the balk.


Striding over with a false confidence, Vanessa announced herself with a verbose energy and the traditional ‘V’ sign. “hello! You’re Kazuya-kun, appropriate?”

“Bwuh?!” The boy jolted up in shock, nearing dropping a grip on his cellphone, taking part in a video game of scorching potato trying to evade it from falling.

conserving herself from uttering an unpleasant cackle, she projected a false snigger as an alternative. “i’m so sorry for being late! One of the most trains became running late,” she lied as conveniently as she breathed as the anxious boy ultimately managed to benefit his footing.

“A-ah yeah, it’s ok! I simply came really,” Kazuya exclaimed, waving his arm in entrance of him to push aside her issues.

“Ah thank goodness! I’ve simplest been in Japan for a number of months, and that i’m nonetheless not used to how the transit works.” Vanessa defined, pouting a bit. Seeing this, Kazuya gave a apprehensive chuckle before carrying on with

“N-nah or not it’s nice, I get grew to become around every now after which too….. Ha-ha”, the boy awkwardly chuckled, scratching his head and trying to assuage the Latina.

Lifting her purse over her shoulder, the Chicana gave the frightened lad a smile. “smartly, instead of standing out here, how about we head to a café? Is that respectable with you?” Vanessa advised, pointing a manicured finger down the street to the nearest restaurant.

“A-ah, bound.” Kazuya agreed, having been jolted out of his stupor.

The false couple begun walking down the crowded road, conserving pace with one another in a comfortable however awkward silence. Vanessa gave a sidelong look to Kazuya, noticing his standoffish posture. He became strolling near her but stored his hands firmly in his pockets, possibly an try to come off as cool, but it came throughout as childishly edgy more than anything. His eyes have been sound asleep off to the aspect in an effort to evade eye contact. Relatively ordinary fare, as far as the Latina was concerned.

Vanessa determined to throw the gangly boy a bone.

“Ah, would you mind…” Vanessa tapered off as she stopped and held her arm out of Kazuya. The orange-haired early life’s mind appeared to gridlock on the gesture earlier than at last knowing a few scant seconds later, his eyes darting down on the outstretched arm as pink started to reach his ears.

“O-oh, uhm, certain factor,” Kazuya uttered sheepishly as he took his hand out of his pocket and began to elongate and angle his limb as if making an attempt to make a decision a way to loop his arm with hers. After a few brief seconds, he firmly locked his elbow with hers, looking as if he made a pretty good accomplishment despite his evident embarrassment.

Vanessa simply raised her eyebrow on the boy, before mentally shrugging. All and sundry has to start somewhere, I wager. Inserting her ‘game face’ again on, Vanessa beamed against her date. “appropriate, now let’s get whatever to eat. Tally-ho!” the Chicana exclaimed, pumping her fist up into the air with false enthusiasm.

“R-appropriate, T-tally-ho!” Kazuya copied in his awkward cadence.

Oh boy.


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