one of the worst outbreaks of avian influenza ever recorded in the UK is currently sweeping via wild chicken populations, with large numbers of birds suffering and loss of life from the ailment.


The bird flu inflicting these birds to die is a particularly mutable and lethal new form that originated in poultry farming.

content material warning: this article consists of photo of lifeless birds.

what is bird flu?

Avian influenza, often called bird flu, is a contagious viral ailment affecting the respiratory, digestive and/or worried techniques of many species of birds.

There are various sorts of the ailment, and whereas it certainly affects birds, it will probably infrequently also have an effect on people and other mammals.

What are the indicators of chook flu?

There are a variety of signs, together with neurological issues such as lack of coordination, moving in circles, and body or head trembling. A finished listing will also be discovered on the united kingdom executive web site.

A useless gannet on Shetland. © Stephen Magee/RSPB

chicken flu is passed from animal to animal via contact with contaminated saliva, nasal secretions or faeces. Wild birds, including waterfowl, are often greater proof against chicken flu than home birds and may elevate and transmit the virus with out showing proof of disorder, so when they migrate they can spread the virus even extra. Relocating poultry equivalent to chickens round and between countries is also well-known to be a massive reason behind the unfold the virus.

there are many types of the virus, not all of them fatal, however the pressure referred to as enormously pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is essentially the most critical type of fowl flu and is frequently fatal in birds.

the way to document dead birds and expertise fowl flu victims

if you come across a single lifeless wild waterfowl (ie swan, goose or duck), a single dead bird of prey, or 5 or more useless wild birds of some other species (together with gulls) on the equal location, please report them to the Defra helpline 03459 335577 or in Northern ireland to DAERA on 0300 200 7840.

Which birds had been littered with hen flu?

an important number of species had been plagued by hen flu this year, including many species of wildfowl, seabirds akin to gannets and fulmars, gulls, birds of prey comparable to sea eagles, buzzards, kestrels, peregrines, as well as different smaller or more randomised incidents, eg a tawny owl and pied wagtail.

A dead fulmar in Shetland. © Stephen Magee/RSPB

Defra have a listing of chook species that have demonstrated nice, however we don’t at this stage have a full graphic of the have an impact on on wild birds as no longer all useless wild birds will have been proven, or even suggested.

There have additionally been studies of avian flu occurring in other materials of the area – cranes in Israel being affected over the iciness, as an example, and North the united states having had a virus of the Eurasian HPAI pressure.

Why is chicken flu such an issue for wild birds?

chicken flu is hitting many birds which are already struggling. Seabirds, as an instance, are already below massive power from the local weather crisis, declining numbers of fish, entanglement in fishing gear and building along our shores. Seabirds also tend to take longer to attain breeding age and have fewer chicks, that means that it is going to take tons longer for his or her numbers to build back up after hen flu.

And the influence of the virus on a gaggle can be fantastic. Closing yr alone, one third of the Svalbard barnacle geese that spend their winter around the Solway estuary were lost to chook flu.

This additionally has international implications as a result of Britain has a globally crucial number of seabirds. The united kingdom, for example, is domestic to fifty six% of the realm’s amber-listed gannet population, and Scotland has 60% of the area’s amber-listed extremely good skuas.

Does hen flu affect domestic birds?

home birds may also be affected, and the poultry industry was hit tough via bird flu during the past year. As of can also thirtieth, there have been 119 outbreaks for the reason that 26 October 2021 on premises with captive birds, poultry, and many others.

here’s now the biggest ever UK outbreak of fowl flu. As of may additionally 30th, there had been 119 outbreaks on account that October 2021 on premises with captive birds and fowl. Earlier than this, the biggest number was 26 situations in 2020/2021 and 13 circumstances in 2016/2017.

Defra have powerful biosecurity measures they put in region including insurance policy Zones and Surveillance Zones round infected premises.

Can chicken flu infect people?

only a few strains of chicken flu have been recorded as infecting people, and the chance to public fitness is always extremely low (the virus does not with ease infect humans, after which it is not conveniently transmitted from adult to person).

the place there were circumstances of people catching chook flu, most of them have come from shut contact with infected domestic fowl.

we might hence strongly urge everyone no longer to the touch any in poor health or useless birds, their droppings, or any water nearby, and to be able to most suitable give protection to your dogs, do not let them method any ailing or lifeless birds, ideally by means of retaining them on a lead whilst jogging.


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